We are pioneers. The tip of the spear. The financial crisis has caught many by surprise, but not us. When people were buying million dollar homes and using go-carts as collateral, we had already been canned from our jobs. Bonded by mutual unemployment, we drifted like drifters who drift. Then we ran out of money and knew it was time to get jobs again. Unfortunately, the recession was now apparent to all, and our resumes were missing words like "valedictorian" and "works well with others." So since there was no bailout for reprobates, we put together our own company. We thought about what we would want. And we wanted what everybody wants: cool shirts. Shirts that would be favorites, not space fillers. The key was not to crank out designs, but to create art. Not sleepy time art that hangs on walls, but the stuff you can strap on like a holster. So we worked it, reworked it, and worked it some more, and here we are. Now, we know what you're thinking, but don't say it. It was our pleasure. You're welcome America.

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Krakatoa Shirts
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Krakatoa Shirts

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4880 Lower Roswell Road, Ste.165

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