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It was an exciting day for me, as I had been asked to model for the cover of Creative Loafing magazine. I thought to myself “Wow!” I could get used to this. So in preparation for the photo shoot, I applied more makeup than I normally would. This additional makeup apparently triggered an allergic reaction; so I made an appointment with my dermatologist to see about getting my irritated skin under control.

While I was there, for some reason I also asked the dermatologist to look at my back. This was something I never asked before; and am not sure why I asked on this occasion. I certainly was not familiar with melanoma at the time and whatever I had heard about skin cancer was not something I was overly concerned with, as I was not a sun bather at all. Because I was fair skinned, I was very careful about staying out in the sun and used sunscreen on a regular basis. But little did I know at that time, a routine trip to the dermatologist for irritated skin would actually save my life.